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Suffering own hunger experience during and after World War I and II, father and son Eiselen felt it as an obligation that the German population had to fight against the world hunger situation. They made it clear how important it is to end hunger all over the world and to turn the world into one in which all people have enough and adequate food.

Stifter Herrmann Eiselen

Dr. Dr. h.c. Hermann Eiselen,
Senator e.h. e.h.(1926 - 2009)

Dr. Hermann Eiselen (1926 – 2009)

Hermann Eiselen, born in 1926, in Nagold Germany, studied from 1946 till 1951 Economics in Stuttgart and Heidelberg. He received a Ph. D. in Economis from the University of Goettingen. After a 9 months stay in the United States, he took over the management of his father’s business (food industry – manufacturing of bakery supplies) and developed it successfully. 1980 before the company was sold he employed almost 500 people. Together with his father he established the Eiselen Foundation in 1978. Until 2001 Hermann Eiselen was the executive director of the foundation and from than chairman of the board of trustees. He was honoured by various German universities for his merits with regard to the support of scientific research. In June 2009 he passed away unexpectedly.

Stifter Willie Eiselen

Dr. h.c. Willie Eiselen,
Senator e.h.(1896 - 1981)

Dr. Willy Eiselen (1896 – 1981)

The entrepreneur Willy Eiselen dealt with the manufacturing and sale of bakery ingredients and was among the leading suppliers to the bakery trade. The family business was founded in 1859 and completely destroyed in 1944. In 1946 he reconstructed successfully the activities. Senator Willy Eiselen’s merits on economic, social and cultural fields were rewarded by several universities. 1971 he received an honorable doctor by the University of Hohenheim.