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Museum Bread and Art

Museum of Bread Culture

History and Tasks

Based upon a decades old tradition of philanthropic work among members of the Eiselen family, the Father and Son Eiselen Foundation Ulm was founded in 1978 as a private non profit organization. The two main tasks of the foundation were to fund and promote the Museum Bread and Art - Forum World Nutrition in Ulm, the former German Bread Museum, and to support scientific research enhancing agriculture and food security throughout the world.

In view of the precarious food supply situation prevailing in many developing countries at the beginning of the 1960's, the Eiselen family felt challenged to do something concrete about global hunger. Dr. h. c. Willy Eiselen (1896 - 1981) and his son, Dr. Hermann Eiselen (1926 - 2009), believed that this can best be achieved by supporting scientific research. In this personal engagement in the fight against hunger and poverty, both Eiselens had been pioneers at least in Germany. For many years they sponsored research activities out of their own pocket. In 1982, the Eiselen Foundation took over this function and initiated and supported research projects at universities appropriate to the needs of the people with food or nutritional deficits and aimed at direct measures against hunger and poverty.

In 2010 the support of scientific research activities are taken over by the Foundation fiat panis which was also founded by Dr. Hermann Eiselen.